• Ask Itee uses the Industry's best support tools

    1 October at 20:59 from atlas

    When it comes to your support needs, it is often :

    # how quickly you can get someone to fix your problems,

    # and how much it will cost to have those people travel to your site.

    Ask itee uses a product called GotoAssist and with it, Ask Itee can deliver support to any place on the planet - so long as you have internet access, Ask Itee can get to you for support. Unlike some of our competitors, it does not cost any extra....

    # Its secure.

    # It requires your approval for Ask Itee to connect.

    # If your Internet connection is slow, Ask Itee can still Can connect.

    # Allows two-way screen sharing.

    # You can approve automatic connection for unattended support.

    At Australia's largest technology expo at Darling Harbour in Sydney, the global giant Citrix asked Shane King, owner of Ask Itee about his thoughts.

    Check the YouTube video a

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