• Blooms Auto faces Distaster Recovery Head on With Ask Itee

    30 September at 18:45 from atlas

    Blooms Automotive, one of the Hunter Valley's leading smash repairers, experienced every business owners nightmare. A fire gutted the Administration building destroying most of what it contained.

    On the day, Blooms Group engaged Ask Itee to do disaster Recovery operations. Ask Itee where able to offer Blooms Auto with a spare server and get the systems up and running required run the business, in what is a time critical environment. Once the interim systems were up and running, Blooms auto engaged Ask Itee to recommend a solution that would allow Blooms Auto to take advantage of improvements in technology and adopt productivity enhancements envied by other smash repair operators.

    Blooms Automotive Purchased a Dell Power Edge T310 Server with the Small Business Server 2008 product, as well as two new workstations.

    The outcome required a lot of effort from both Blooms Group and Ask Itee with a great result. As is often the case companies who provide software for your business don't have the technical expertise required to get multiple systems to work. They know their own area and nothing more, so when they encounter the latest Version of Windows , they are often overwhelmed.

    To quote the Manager Shane Saunders " Just a quick update on the server & workstation's you installed, Well I have to say there now all working 100% correctly Windows updates are being rolled out & Symantec endpoint has just had an update to fix a bug it had so it too is working beautifully far better than Trend. Nice job mate & thanks for hanging in & working through the last little bugs we had I'm a very happy camper! "

    A critical point in the recovery came from the Manager of Blooms Automotive Shane Saunders, who had seen the value in a backup process that protected his businesses data and made sure disaster recovery was possible, and not a disaster autopsy.

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