• Powerful Server Technology brings aged care to the latest in technology

    30 September at 18:07 from atlas

    Ask Itee have completed the installation of what is called a High Availability Server system for Strathearn Village at Scone

    What does it mean?

    The system uses two servers connected together in such a way that should one server fail, the other takes over in less than a millisecond.. This ensures the systems needed to aid in caring for our aged citizens is available 24 x 7.

    How does it work?

    The system comprises of two Dell R710 Rack mount servers connected to a massive cluster of Hard Disks called a SAN. The two servers each run a separate function with one running Email and file storage, the other running an Aged Cared Management solution. The two servers are constantly aware of their partners condition. If one server fails the remaining server is able to continue to provide Staff with access to email, files and resident records. There is zero interruption to users.

    Ask Itee in partnership with Dell Solutions designed and implemented the system, together with some of the Hunters local contractors in cabling (Rutherford Electrical Engineering Services) and local suppliers for Racks and UPS's (NCCS Pty Ltd).

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