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    12 December at 11:55 from atlas

    Ever thought how much time you spend trying to find staff and stuff, or  trying to make contact with a fellow employee?

    Merton Living Aged Care Facility did and could see how mush time is consumed on activities like these - the answer - Vocera.

    Vocera is a wearable, hands free, voice controlled, instant voice communications system that allows absolute real time communication between staff. Contacting other team members is as simple as saying the name, function, or group name of the people you want to reach.

    It addresses the productivity pain points when a staff member needs to locate and communicate with other staff.  Staff can initiate a conversation to one or many staff member/s via Vocera from anywhere in the range of the devices as if the staff member were in the same room.

    The system uses the wireless network installed by Ask Itee at Merton Living to connect staff to one another.  The product is cutting edge and is key in redusing response times.

    A staff member answers a resident call bell to find the resident has fallen in the bathroom sustaining a head injury

    Without Vocera

    1.  The staff member must then leave the resident to find another staff member (not desirable and increases risk and distress)

    2.  Must then collect first aid supplies and assessment equipment (BP machine)

    3.  Locate and wait for senior staff member to respond

    4.  Assessment is made.

    5.  first aid commences

    6.  ambulance can be called

    With Vocera

    1.  Most senior staff can be first point of call

    2.  They bring first aid equipment

    3.  Assessment can be made, ambulance called

     See Vocera here

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