• We Need Our Information to be Available Everywhere, But Secure.

    20 August at 11:09 from atlas

    That was the scenario needed by M.M. Hyndes Bailey & Co of Muswellbrook when they merged with K.F. Murphy Surveyors at Scone.

    M.M. Hyndes Bailey wanted 

    • To link information generated such as drawings and documents, 
    • To make technical reference information available to all sites
    • The ability for consulting staff to work from either office and have access to their respective project information
    • To be able to share tasks among staff at different sites
    • A secure solution that protected their information.
    An assessment of the cost of setting up high speed links between sites showed it was way too expensive. Ask Itee provided a solution that used existing Cloud solutions to all M.M. Hyndes Bailey locations for a very small outlay. Today M.M. Hyndes Bailey staff can be at any location, whether its one of their offices, in a customers office, or walking around the field, they have real time access to their critical information.

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